Graduation Dresses

It's that time of year!  There's always a bittersweet feeling that comes with moving on to a new phase in life - especially graduating from college and going into the real world or leaving high school and having to adapt to college.

One of the best parts of graduation, however, besides the huge feat of graduating (minor details) is picking out what to wear.  For my high school graduation all the girls wore white, which simplified things in terms of which color I was going to wear, but there are SO many choices of beautiful white dresses it was actually really hard to narrow down which one I wanted that another girl in the class had not already bought.  If only all life's struggles were that "hard".  I ended up getting a Lilly Pulitzer dress as shown above (here is a similar one).

I picked out my favorite graduation dresses for those who can wear any color under their gown or for those prefer to wear white. Enjoy!

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