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When I finally was able to start wearing workout clothes that weren't my college issued basketball gear I was so excited to be able to buy cute and versatile things.  However it's also important for me to have high quality workout gear (shorts, shirts, sneakers, etc.) that can hold up  because I workout hard daily, so my clothes and shoes get a lot of wear.  My new workout clothes from Krass & Co. are high quality, durable, and also so stylish and fun.

I'm totally obsessed with the top Krass & Co. sent me (it's also available in Pink).  It's flattering, comfortable, and moisture wicking which is huge. For reference I'm wearing a small here, but I could definitely do an XS for a tighter fit.  I've talked about their shorts in a previous post, but want to reiterate how much I love them. They are also moisture wicking and incredibly comfortable.

P.S take 20% off Krass & Co. gear with my code: sandandcoral

Thanks to Krass & Co. for sponsoring this post!

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