10 Reasons Fall Is the Best Season

Fall is my favorite season. I love the leaves falling, the crisp weather, and being constantly met by the smell of baking fall treats. Here are ten reasons fall is the best season.

1) ...it's sweater weather.  
I love this L.L Bean Fisherman Tunic Sweater. It's a modern take on the Irish fisherman sweater with a chic zipper on both sides. I also included some other styles of sweaters below. 
2) ...apple crisp is be the best dessert, ever (I'm open to debate).
My mom has a tasty recipe that she does without a true recipe, so unfortunately I can't share that one with you as I don't have exact measurements and ingredients, but here is another great recipe that I found and have made. Recipe here: Apple Crisp

3) ...blanket scarves can be worn
There are few things better than finding something that keeps you warm and cozy and is still fashionable. The blanket scarf is this and more. If you haven't given in to the trend, it is time that you do.  I promise you won't regret it! We have some great new blanket-scarf arrivals at Sand and Coral that I can tell will be huge hits this season. They make great Christmas gifts for ladies too - if you're thinking ahead :)

4) ...it's time to pick Apple trees
I am really excited to go apple picking this year and then to make a nice apple crisp. I'll be sure to share with you my experience on the blog! I can't think of a better activity to kick off the fall season.

5) ...the leaves, in New England, are amazing
I took this photo while visiting my grandparents in Maine last Columbus Day Weekend.  If you have never traveled up north during the fall in New England, I advise you to do it this year.  It's really incredible how beautiful the foliage is.

6) ...pumpkin is the perfect fall flavor
Nothing says fall more than the smell of pumpkin spices, the taste of pumpkin bread, and a warm PSL. 

7) ...Barbour jackets are the best fall jacket 
There's not much more I can say than that. I absolutely love my Barbour jackets and although they are rather pricey they are totally worth it if you are looking to splurge. They last forever if you take good care of them and re-wax when needed (speaking of which, I need to have mine waxed again...).  I love the classic Beadnell and the quilted jacket.

8) ...we can break out the Frye boots (or any kind of leather boot). 
My favorite pair of Frye boots are a pair my mom bought forty year ago. They are broken in yet are still in really good shape - you would have no idea they are so vintage! Again they are pricey, but  worth the investment as they clearly last forever!

9) ...you can wear just a pullover and be warm.
I love the crisp air of the fall and the days where you can just throw on a pair of jeans, cords, or leggings and a pullover on top and be totally comfortable. I got this L.L. Bean fleece (in grey) last year for Christmas after swooning over it for months and wore it almost every single day (not kidding). I am most definitely getting another (probably in kelp green) this fall or winter.

10) ...football is back
Need I say more?

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