Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

The holiday season is by far my favorite part of the year. As soon as Halloween is over i'm all in for Thanksgiving and Christmas vibes. My sister Kate has been rolling her eyes as I have started playing Christmas music -- she thinks it's too soon (she is wrong 😉)!

I love dressing up for the holidays. Thanksgiving is a great holiday for fashion as you can throwing on a more relaxed outfit for the Thanksgiving Day football games and then later in the day dress up for dinner. I've put together a few different outfits for any event on Thanksgiving.   I can't believe it's little less than a week away! Which is your favorite?

Dressy Fancy

Dressy Casual

Warm Casual

And last but not least, the perfect accessory to any Thanksgiving out, dressy, or casual, is a warm, blanket scarf.  These are my favorite, most festive, picks:

Shop these blanket scarves here:

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