Four Things To Do This Weekend

A new segment I've decided to do for the new year is "Four Things To Do This Weekend." They're fun suggestions for things to keep you busy in your spare time over the weekend. I hope you enjoy!

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1. Begin watching Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.
I am SO excited for this series! I’ve kind of been lost without a show for a bunch of months now, but am hoping this one re-energizes my binging abilities.  I read all of A Series Of Unfortunate Events books as a kid, saw the movies, etc. and am so so excited for the show. To be honest I cannot remember a ton of it and have thought about maybe re-reading a few of the books to remind myself of why I loved it so much and to be prepped to watch the show. I have not decided if I’ll do that yet, or just jump right into it, but we will see!

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2.  Go see Patriots Day.  Being from Massachusetts this film hits home (literally and figuratively), so I am interested to see it. The Marathon bombing had such a profound effect on the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts, I just hope the movie portrays the strength and courage of the city and victims.  Certainly, bring a box of tissues if you’re going to see this and let me know what you think of it!

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3. Listen to Allison Williams on Women of the Month with Lena Dunham, which is Lena Dunham’s podcast.  It is titled: Goodbyes: Season 2, Episode 8.  I LOVE the HBO show Girls and am very sad/excited for the next/last season to come out in February.

4. Check out Glossier! If you haven’t jumped on the Glossier bandwagon, I suggest it’s now time.  I ordered a couple of products last month and am addicted.  I’m trying to save my bank account and not buy more, but I know I will give in soon.  Especially considering they just launched a new moisturizer that seems to be perfection in a jar. I love what the brand stands for and have found the products I have to be really gentle on my skin.

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