Four Things To Do This Weekend

This was my last week ever of my final college winter break, which is sad and scary! Ah! I’ve been spending time getting ready for classes to start back up next week and trying to enjoy the freedom that winter break allows. Good luck with classes if you start next week.  If you have already started I hope that it's going well so far!

1. Subscribe to theSkimm!
I've been up on following the news the past couple of years, really due to keeping up on all the political happenings, but am always looking for a new way to absorb it.  It’s hard to read every single story that I find interesting as there’s usually so many, but theSkimm sends morning (during the week) updates/summaries on the big news stories from the past twenty-four hours.  They present it in a concise manner, so it’s easy to follow and you get the depth of the story from a short blurb – usually there’s something humorous mixed in too which keeps it light and interesting.  Oh! Also, their Instagram (image above) is fun to follow too.  Subscribe here: theSkimm

Sand and Coral
2. Start to be more positive:
One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more positive. I’m not the most negative person going, but at times I do feel myself complaining and getting into a rut and need to lift myself out of it. After reading this article I realize it’s even more important to be positive than I initially thought. You’ll be shocked at how your whole body reacts to negativity.

Tommy Hilfiger
3. Take a sneak peek out Gigi Hadid's Second Collection with Tommy Hilfiger:
Good news, everyone! Gigi and Tommy Hilfiger are teaming up again for a second collection with Tommy Hilfiger. I'm so excited to see it as her first collection with the brand was awesome.  Here's a little sneak peek courtesy of Harper's Bazar.

Discover The World
4. Satisfy your wanderlust with imagining staying in these Iceland hotels:
Usually around this time of year I really want to go somewhere.  It hasn't been as cold as it normally is, or as snowy as it normally is, but I'm still sick of the 30-40 degree weather and could go for a change.  Iceland would still be cold, but at least a change of scenery and I've been dying to go there!

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