Four Things To Do This Weekend

This has seemed like the longest week ever! It's probably because I'm not used to being back in school-mode after a month off. I am going to miss those vacations when I'm in the real world 🙈.  Here's week three of four things to do this weekend! Let me know what you're up to!

1. Get familiar with the Oscar nominations:
The Oscar nominations came out earlier this week. Every year my sister and I get excited about the Oscar nominations and tell each other and ourselves that we're going to watch a bunch before the Oscars, it hasn't happened yet, but #2 might help us in that pursuit.  Here's the list of the noms.

LA LA Land
2. Stream the Oscar nominations you're most interested in:
Following number one, I found a way to watch the nominations I'm most interested in, or that I haven't seen already in theaters. Hopefully I have some free time this weekend to get into a couple of them! How many have you seen?

3. Check out Everlane:
I'm a huge fan of Everlane - I love their mission, their transparency, and their clothes. They explain their pricing, tell you exactly what factory the clothes you're buying are coming from, and even sometimes let you pick the price you pay.  Their clothes are really well made and are of really high quality. I've been so happy with everything I've bought from there!

4. Listen to this podcast:
Like I shared before I've been listening to a ton of podcasts on my various long drives and love sharing my favorites! As a female small business owner I feel compelled to embrace other #GIRLBOSSES and share their inspiring stories.  Alli Webb, like many other successful female entrepreneurs, is someone to look up to not only for entrepreneurs, girls entering the work-place, those who don't really know where they are headed with their life or career, and really anyone else with a passion for something.  I also absolutely love going to Drybar and totally recommend the experience if you're looking to pamper yourself, or for a fun girls-night-out activity.

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