Warm Winter Coats

Happy New Year, friends!  I took a break from blogging to totally immerse myself in the holiday season and to keep up with my business (sandandcoral.com).  We had a super busy holiday season, which is great, but kept me away from sharing with you! I hope your new year is off to a great start, and you're still sticking with your resolutions set. I figured I would start the new year off with a warm winter coat guide since I kind of think of myself as a bit of an expert being from New England and all.

I was on a hunt for a warm winter coat a couple of winters ago when we had an especially bad winter here in Massachusetts.  I was walking from my dorm to class and freezing the whole way, so I decided to finally take a leap, spend a lot of money 🙈,   and finally be warm (which was SO worth the money).  I got the North Face Arctic Winter Parka and absolutely LOVE it. It's held up so well over the past couple of winters and it always keeps me incredibly warm.  This winter I bought the Stadium Cloth J.Crew jacket, also shown below, and am really impressed by it's warmth.  It also can instantly class up any outfit.

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