Four Things To Do This Weekend

This was such an exciting week with the anticipation leading up to the Super Bowl this weekend! I can't believe I get to watch the Patriots in another Super Bowl.  May the best team win 😉

This week's four things to do this weekend has some football mixed in due to the theme of the weekend, but some other fun things I uncovered this week. Also, keep an eye out for our Super Bowl Party Appetizers post coming out Sunday morning for some inspiration.

1. Watch Tom Brady talk about his Dad, his hero:
I'm a huge Tom Brady fan, naturally. I've lived almost my whole life with Tom Brady as the Patriots quarterback, so have a soft spot in my heart for him, but I think this small video bit could soften anyones heart for Brady. Give it a watch!

Ben and Jerry's
2. If you look at one thing from this post make it this one:
If you live under a rock, or haven't been on Facebook, then you haven't seen this..Ben and Jerry's is releasing a new way to indulge in their mouth-watering ice-cream flavors in a new product called "Pint Slices." They literally look like little slices of heaven.  Check out the different flavors and more information here.

3. Watch the premiere of Girls season Six:
The final season of Girls comes out this weekend. So. Sad. The last first episode, ever, comes out Monday night.  Here's a season 6 tease to watch to hold you over till Monday night.  Girls isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you are open-minded, embrace it's uniqueness, and are prepared for anything to happen, then you will fall in love with the characters and really enjoy the show.

4. Check out this activewear all under $45:
I talked last week about Girlfriend Collective, a new activewear brand that was giving away free leggings as part of a marketing promotion (it ended yesterday).  The brand officially launches in April, so keep an eye out for that.  In the meantime I found another activewear brand with reasonable prices, in fact, all of their products are under $45.  I picked one of my favorite shirts (shown above), which sells for $29 and is available in two other colors. Read about their mission here.

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