Four Things To Do This Weekend

What a week, I can't believe all that happened. It started out amazing with the Patriots incredible come back in the Super Bowl, and finished with a wild snow storm here in the Northeast. I hope that you had a great week and are as excited as me for the weekend and then for Valentine's Day!  Be sure to check out our recently posted Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Him if you are still looking for the perfect gift for the guy in your life.

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1. Check out Gigi Hadid & Tommy Hilfiger's New Collection:
I loved Gigi and Tommy Hilfiger's first collection that launched in 2016 and was so excited to see they were coming out with a second collection.  Though I honestly liked the first one better, there are some fun pieces from this second collection that are unique and will look amazing with the right thing. I linked some of them below:

2. Make Valentine's Day Cookies:
Every year I try to make perfect royal icing Valentine's Day cookies.  This year I think I'm going to do it perfectly because I have been watching and reading millions of tutorials every day for the past couple of weeks. I found this Youtube tutorial, which makes it look super easy - doubtful it will be, but worth a try. Are you making any sweets for your sweety? 😉

3. Watch this fun video of Barack Obama and Richard Branson kite surfing:
I think it's fair to say everyday we miss Barack Obama a little bit more, and this video doesn't help the nostalgia.  How nice must it be to be Richard Branson and to own an entire island and have it to yourself? Check this place out, it literally looks like heaven.  I saw a funny article calling Barack Obama America's ex-boyfriend.  We're watching him have so much fun on these vacations, hat backwards and all, and there's nothing we can do to get him back!

4. Stay in and make mouth-watering pizza:
I love cooking and I particularly love making pizza.  I have often dabbled in making my own dough and sauce and have tried crazy combinations on top of the pizza with meats, vegetables, pasta - you name it.  I found this incredible looking pizza on Vogue's website this week and am dying to make it this weekend.

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